EAST COAST ORIGINALS are an incorporated association.  For the Committee and Volunteers is very much a labour of love to keep the event running and sustainable whilst working hard on making it thrive well into the future!  

The ECO events depend on the contribution, both financial and physical, of the local community.  Whether you can $5 for the arvo of entertainment or $20 every dollar really helps!  We are also always looking for supportive hands to help us get each event running.  Each event needs the following volunteers: 

  • Set up / Pack down crew (1 hour)

  • Raffle ticket sellers

  • Stage manager

  • Volunteer manager

  • Distribution coordinators

Local and surrounding businesses sponsor good and services for our raffle that is held at the event in return for marketing services. The raffles funding raised goes to put on everything you see at the event such as but not limited to... the stage, the sound production, the bands, the security, the toilets, the contractors, the advertising, the overheads, running costs and insurance and the list goes on. We have a great positive relationship with all the traders who support us and in turn we encourage out patrons to support them. It truly is a community events in every respect.

We are always open to talking with people in the community who would like to help sponsor the events in return for some amazing online exposure, regular mentions throughout the events by our host to the 1000 plus attendees. Plus helping our event thrive will make YOU feel awesome!


We have 25,000 + Facebook Fans and an average turnout of a minimum of 1000 patrons!!   

Firstly, We are open to any suggestions!  Got an idea? then please contact us. And here are some suggestions as well....

Goods and Services:   We promote you on the day over the PA. Items over $25 dollars for a period of 6 events.

Supporters:  We need a few supporters who sponsor funds in return for exposure via our media and sheer massive and untapped presence.  Become an official sponsor of the event and its a win win combination!   We are not talking truckloads of cash here as official supporter rates start at $150 per event for a period of 6months.  Of course if you have BIG ideas like us then lets talk! 

One thing is for sure. Easy Coast Originals are really pumping.  We would love to have you on board.  Please get in touch with us to be a part of this amazing event series. 

If you would like to be involved or want more info please contact us by sending an email via the CONTACT link. We would love to talk!  We can offer massive exposure within the local community and make it a win win situation for You, The Event and the ever supportive loyal community!


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